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Alex Mauer
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Andre Niemeyer
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Jim Davis
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Kristin Thomas
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Discussions from Sup Gear Talk

  • Amy S
    Advice on first SUP board
    Started by Amy S 4 Replies
    Amy S

    Ok, thanks so much for your feedback, Alex. Will be back with a pix. :)

  • Charlie Robinton
  • rikks
    boardworks kraken
    Started by rikks 1 Reply
    Alex Mauer

    Just had a chance to demo this board at the BoP. Had fun on it!

  • Richard
  • Lindsay
    Board Reviews
    Started by Lindsay 8 Replies

    Nate, that would be awesome. I will message you. Thanks!

  • Cord Dover
  • Jennifer Allen
    Help on 1st SUP!
    Erin Blunt Robbins

    I believe that Glide SUP has started offering a full deck pad on their boards as well.

  • Heather
    Board Protection
    Started by Heather 1 Reply
    Alex Mauer

    You can find sox out there but they won't fully protect your board. A bag is your best bet. Try a Rogue bag they fully open and are super easy to get boards in!

  • Christie Hofmockel
    SUP advise for University program
    Alex Mauer

    The Rogue Class 5 is one of the best inflatables on the market! Super stiff and stable for paddlers of all heights and weight the added handles make it really easy to carry for paddlers of all levels! Best inflatable.

  • Night-Ops Underwater Lighting
    Night-Ops Lights for SUP
    Night-Ops Underwater Lighting

    Alex, They are $399.99. Very inexpensive given the quality, durability, and light. The price includes the entire kit. 2 light bars (144 LED's), harness, track system, 12v Lithium Ion batteryn (cased in silicon, waterproof), charger, "Y" connector, and extension straps. The harness is completely adjustable and removable. Will fit any board, kayak, or canoe. Very light weight (approximately 2 lbs), and comes with a warranty. (info on site). :)

  • Amanda Young
    First SUP board
    Jack Hanna

    My shop is one of on every board. custom fit! I have not shipped any boards, but it is not that complicated. More complex is to find out size, ability, and typical venue. After that, fun with graphics. I have an artist who painted a beach scene on a board for me. The other side is a sleeping dragon. It looks really cool through the glass. Maybe I ll put the picture up next week. It got a lot of comments at Battle of the Bay. But, sliding through glassy water, it really showed off its stuff. Cant wait try try it in a race. spring is springing!

  • Matt Palmariello
    Starboard Astro Wide Point 8'2"
    Erin Blunt Robbins

    I have not used this board. Wish I could help more! ;-(

  • Mary
  • Court Tan
    Board reviews/advice
    Started by Court Tan 1 Reply
    Roxane Robinson

    I like the Rogue boards also. I have an 11' Rogue tropical which is super easy to manage on flat water and busier water. Check out the website (check out the allwater boards). I'm 5'4 and have a tall SUV. It's lighter than my first board which was a 10'6" Doyle (super steady great board). And every single person that tries my board loves it.

  • chris jones
    Blade size question
    Brian Smart

    Hey Chris - I'm a little late to the thread, but here's what I can tell you about my experience. I picked up a friends ZRE paddle two summers ago and used it for our local little races. I didn't have a board, but used this time to learn and demo as many boards as I could. I really didn't think a paddle would make that much difference. Finally this spring I was able to snatch up a 14' Bark Dominator. I"ve raced, trained and 'toured' (meaning cruising) that board all summer. Still with the ZRE. I started watching my friends during the local weekly fun races and saw how they had a higher turn over rate on stroke. So, I started talking to them, doing some research, and it does seem that most of the top racers, locally and on the larger scene do use a smaller blade to get a higher stroke rate. (Granted, there still is technique involved, but still....) I tried several paddles; Kialoa, Werner, and Quick Blade. I finally bought a Quick Blade "Kanaha" about two weeks ago, just before a long local race. The blade size is a "90" and I had a few good training sessions on it before the main race. (Side note - the ZRE I think is a bit lighter, but the blade looks like a shoe box, very square, so a larger surface area. Solid paddle, but was torqueing my shoulder. I believe I was trying to get a higher stroke rate, but moving to much water with the larger size.) On race day the wind was HUGE. I say that because of surface area of the paddle. I KNOW that the smaller blade was very helpful to me in these conditions. I was able to get a higher stroke rate with this paddle and didn't feel like I was getting any 'blow back' due to wind. (Again, feathering the paddle helps reduce this, so good technique is key) Sometimes I did notice a little flutter in the water, but I think I'm still getting used to it. I'm pretty stoked on my choice, and while not the lightest of the QB lineup, it will be a good paddle for racing/training. I've delegated my ZRE as my surf paddle and loaner paddle. Hope this helps. Cheers and good luck.

  • Bill Kaser
    Raceboard fin selection
    Bill Kaser

    Thanks Erin and Kasey for the 411. I found a fin by Larry Allison/ Fiberglass Fin Co. called the Gladiator Elite. This fin has transformed my board... excellent stability, tracks straight, cool looks[!!!] the whole package. Only got dumped once on the inaugural cruise thanks to a couple of rogue waves kicked up by errant yachtsmen!

  • Craig Anderson
    Reservoir board?
    Kasey Benchimol

    It sounds like you might want to invest in a displacement edge board. they carve through the water rather than ride on top like surf style boards. And since you're not surfing, there's really no reason to get it. I'd say either go for a racing board if racing is your thing, but if you just want a stable board of a racing STYLE, the riviera VOYAGER is a sweet option. and it's really cheap (only $1100). check out my review of it for more information. I've been on it multiple times and it's a really fun and fast board, but also really stable/ My review on my blog ^^^

  • Kim Beaumont
    need an affordable, durable, light, adj. paddle for a rental fleet - thoughts?

    The Tower carbon fiber paddle board is really nice and lightweight: I wouldn't go with aluminum because they will wear you out faster... you'll notice it the more you paddle! Carbon fiber is always really nice and light, yet powerful. The Tower one is really great for that price too! It's usually around $300 for carbon fiber paddles.

  • Rob Blazoff
    Surftech Bamboo 11'6"
    Kasey Benchimol

    It's really nice board! It glides pretty well, is really light, and the nice thing about the surftech is the sandwich construction with the waterproof EPS foam so you don't have to worry about repairing right away! the rails and rocker work nicely with the surf, especially with small waves. Hope you're enjoying it!

  • julie templeton
    Craig Anderson

    I purchased an NRS Big Earl at the end of June 2012. It has been a great starter board. I like transporting it in my trunk and using it on mild river runs.


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