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The SUP Yoga Synthesis

Published in Learn


Stand up paddling + yoga = SUP Yoga. This niche in the SUP world has caught fire, fueled by the exceptional workout it provides and the meditative qualities of being on the water. Read more and look for our weekly SUP Yoga poses to try out for yourself.

Supconnect Weekly Recap, 12/03/2013

Published in SUP Weekly Recap


SAN DIEGO, California - Welcome to the Supconnect Weekly Heat, our countdown of the biggest news, reviews, interviews and features surrounding the world of Stand Up Paddleboarding. This week we’re bringing you another sample of the best stories covered by ourselves and other publications. 

SUP Yoga - Hero Pose

Published in Learn


Trade your baking hot room and yoga mat in for calm waters and a stand up paddle board. Try out this pose and look for more each week in the SUP Yoga instructional set on SUP Connect.

Supconnect Best of: Group SUP Photos

Published in SUP Other


SAN DIEGO, California - Stand up paddle boarding might be a solo sport when it comes to racing, but it's the greater community that bind us all together. Today we've got a fun collection of the best tandem, trandem and quad...andem stand up paddle photos of 2013, submitted through our Photo of the Month portal. 

SUP Yoga Sun Salutations

Published in Hot Sup Videos


Watch this great beginners yoga video, introducing you to sun salutations on the water.

SUP'er Saturday Fundraiser with Olympus SUP Fit

Published in SUP Clinics


Please come & join Olympus SUP Fit/Olympus Board Shop & Equinox Gym on July 14th  for a day of SUP'er FUN to raise money for the Sea Shepherd Conversation Society and Oceans of Hope.

SUP Yoga in a Geothermal Spring Crater

Published in Travel


As Stand up Paddle grows throughout the world, many find that there are various disciplines of SUP that they enjoy.  One of the most popular at the moment appears to be SUP Yoga.  But, how many people can say that they have done SUP Yoga in a geothermal spring?

H2YO SUP Yoga Course Offered In California

Published in SUP Clinics


SANTA BARBARA, California - Stand Up Paddling is the fastest growing sport on the planet. Yoga is the newest evolution of of fitness on board. H2YO = water + yoga is widely known for its smooth transition of floating yoga and safe paddling instruction.

Mistral Releases 2014 Kailua Inflatable Fitness Yoga SUP

Published in Boards


Mistral has recently released the 2014 Kailua Inflatable Fitness Yoga SUP.

5 SUP Yoga Tips For Beginners

Published in Beginner


Brazilian SUP Yoga star, Bianca Guimaraes, gives her top 5 tips for people new to stand up paddle Yoga.


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