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Supconnect Weekly Recap: Top Stories for 01/21/2014

Published in SUP Weekly Recap


SAN DIEGO, California - Welcome to the Supconnect Weekly Recap - the first of 2014 - our countdown of the biggest news, reviews, interviews and features surrounding the world of Stand Up Paddleboarding. This week we’re bringing you another sample of the best stories covered by ourselves and other publications. 

SUPIA Sponsors 1st Annual Youth Paddle Days

Published in SUP Clinics


Over the weekend of May 16-19, events will be held all over the US, Canada, and the Bahamas focused on getting young people outside & on the water enjoying the fastest growing water sport, Stand Up Paddleboarding.

Raven Stand Up Paddleboard by Boardworks Surf

Published in SUP Weekly Recap


The new Boardworks Raven is designed for all purpose cruising, recreational racing, fishing, or just plain getting out on the water. This model is designed for speed and stability in flatter water making it the perfect all purpose board for lakes, bays, harbors, and that deep docile river.

Stand Up Paddle Yoga - Corpse Pose

Published in Learn


Trade your baking hot room and yoga mat in for calm waters and a stand up paddleboard. Cool down with the Corpse Pose and look for more each week in the SUP Yoga instructional set on SUP Connect.

48 Hours With Andrea Moller

Published in Hot Sup Videos


Take a peek into 48 hours of professional paddler Andrea Moller's life as she travels to Los Angeles for the 2014 Billabong XXL Big Wave Awards then returns home to Maui to win the 2014 Paddle Imua Race.


SUP Connect catches up with Dave Boehne, co-owner of Infinity SUP, at his shop in Dana Point to discuss their new partnership with Boardworks. Special guest appearance by Steve Boehene.

Rocky Mountain Surf Festival Recap

Published in SUP Races


Stand up paddlers and surfers compete in the 2011 Rocky Mountain Surf Festival on June 11th and 12th. Fueled by record snowmelt, the Colorado River provided perfect conditions for this year's event.

Stand Up Paddle Profile - Anthony Vela

Published in SUP Profile


Boardworks team rider Anthony Vela has been making a name for himself recently in the world of stand up paddling. Get to know this unique waterman in the following video interview.

H2O Trash Patrol Prepare for 50-50-50 State Challenge

Published in SUP Other


SAN DIEGO, California - H20 Trash Patrol is the brainchild of Lorenzo and Patti Diaz, parents and paddlers who've taken the environmental principles they installed in their children - to leave this world a better, cleaner place than we found it - and used them to develop an action plan to combat pollution in our waterways, marinas and harbors.

FCS Stand Up Paddle Raceboard Bag

Published in Gear


FCS SUP shows us the ultimate in mobility & protection for stand up paddle raceboard transportation.  The race bag has been extremely well thought out and is made with high density foam technology for the ultimate care of your board.


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