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ULI Releases New Profile Clip

Published in Boards


SAN Diego, California - ULI Boards has just released a great new profile clip that explains the history and brand ethos behind these premium inflatable boards.


On May, 25, 104, the California 100 Ultra Marathon sets off from Redding and follows the Sacramento River all the way to Chico.

Taku Rides ULI Board & Makes History at M2O

Published in Gear


Takuji Araki, aka Taku, rides an ULI board at Molokai 2 Oahu and makes history as the first M2O crossing attempted or finished on an inflatable SUP and takes first for his age group of 30 - 39 year old men in the solo sup stock division. Click "Read More" to watch video and learn more.

Jim Weir Goes Off the Beaten Track In Indonesia

Published in Australasia


SAN DIEGO, California - When it comes to travel destinations, Indonesia is right at the top of almost every list. To find out more about SUP surfing in Indonesia, we spoke with ULI's inventor/founder, Jim Weir, who just returned from a month on Indo's wild side.

3 Reasons To Travel With An Inflatable SUP

Published in Travel Tips


SAN DIEGO, California - One of the greatest things about being part of a sport/lifestyle like Stand Up Paddling is being able to do it anywhere. Not just around your home town or even other parts of your country, but anywhere around the world - provided there is water. Paddling in other parts of the world allows you to experience a new place in a familiar way, adding a new dynamic to any trip. One of the biggest drawbacks to traveling is the criminal charge that most airplanes place on taking a board. This is why inflatable boards come are so handy. To help us better understand the process of traveling with an inflatable board and what the pro's are, we've broken down five easy points to consider.


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