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Boardworks At The 2014 Payette River Games

Published in SUP Rivers & Lakes


Check out this awesome highlights video from the Payette River Games, brought to us by Boardworks Surf.

Weekly Recap - 10/21/2014

Published in SUP Weekly Recap


Welcome to the Supconnect Weekly Recap, our countdown of the biggest news, reviews, interviews and features surrounding the world of Stand Up Paddleboarding. This week we’re bringing you another sample of the best stories covered by ourselves and other publications.

Standup Roundup & Boardworks Knockout

Published in SUP Races


Spring time equals fresh and new. There will be plenty of fresh and new equipment at the 3rd Annual Standup Roundup Flatwater Festival and Boardworks Knockout Race.

10'10" Rusty Standup Paddle Board

Published in Gear


The 10'10" Rusty Stand Up Paddle Board still retains nearly all features of its smaller cousins but provides more stability and flotation. So, like its shorter counterpart, this board is an excellent crossover board for surfing and paddling, featuring an extremely strong construction.

A Day In The Life With Badfish SUP

Published in SUP Other


The ‘Can I Surf That’ ladies have been traveling all over North America to surf and paddle the best river waves around. They recently posted a blog where they hang with the crew of Boardworks’ Badfish SUP and surf a wave near Glenwood.

Slater Trout Live At Supconnect

Published in SUP Profile


This coming Tuesday, April 15, 2014, FCS and Boardworks athlete, Slater Trout, will be doing a live interview at the Supconnect studio in San Diego at noon.

H2O Trash Patrol Prepare for 50-50-50 State Challenge

Published in SUP Other


SAN DIEGO, California - H20 Trash Patrol is the brainchild of Lorenzo and Patti Diaz, parents and paddlers who've taken the environmental principles they installed in their children - to leave this world a better, cleaner place than we found it - and used them to develop an action plan to combat pollution in our waterways, marinas and harbors.

Boardworks Welcomes New Hawaii Rep.

Published in SUP Manufacturers


Boardworks’ Mike Fox has announced that Geoff Auberlen has assumed selling responsibilities for Hawaii.

9'8" SUP Board by Rusty

Published in Gear


Rusty SUP's are designed to surf. All feature similar bottom contours: Slight release in nose, Flat entry, Light concave in center, A slight double barrel vee coming into the fins, Flat off the back.

10' 7" Inflatable by Boardworks

Published in SUP Weekly Recap


Boardworks Surf announces the SHUBU line of inflatable stand up paddleboards. Get ready to travel! The portable SHUBU SUP now allows you to take your SUP on the road, trail, plane, train, and so on.


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