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Eco-friendly Boards Arrive In The SUP Scene

Published in Boards


E-tech Boards take a different approach at board making and aim to make their products environmentally friendly using the most sustainable materials out there that have as small an impact on the environment as possible.

Presenting Nick Troutman - Pau Hana SUP Athlete

Published in SUP Profile


World Freestyle Kayak Champion and Gopro athlete Nick Troutman has been kayaking for the past 11 years, but also rides for Pau Hana SUP.  Watch the profile video about him and hear first hand how he got started in SUP including his really bad first experience and how that all got turned around!

Pau Hana Surf Supply Big EZ Hawaiian II

Published in Gear


As part of the Pau Hana Surf Supply board range, Owner and shaper Todd Caranto created the Pau Hana Big EZ Hawaiian for absolute stability for all types of water—ocean, lakes, marinas, bays, and rivers.


Just yesterday news stands were hit with the latest Outside spring/summer Buyer’s Guide by Outside Magazine. This year there is extra awesome news for stand up paddlers world wide and especially for SUP board manufacturer Pau Hana Surf Supply.

Pau Hana & Nocqua Create SUP Light Mount System

Published in SUP Manufacturers


Pau Hana Surf Supply and Nocqua Adventure Gear collaborate on integrated light mounting system through SeaMount.

Pau Hana Big EZ Stand Up Paddleboard

Published in Gear


The Pau Hana Big EZ Stand Up Paddleboard is made to float. No matter the rider's size, this thing ain't gonna sink. Thick and buoyant, the Big EZ is made for all around conditions and mediums.

Battle of the Paddle Video, Pau Hana Style

Published in SUP Races


The Battle of the Paddle 2012 races had come to an end and Pau Hana time was definitely in order, but the events of the past couple days would not easily be forgotten as they had all been caught on film - including footage of the Guinness World Record Attempt!


Nick Troutman, a former World Freestyle Champion, and Dane Jackson, a freestyle kayak wunderkind, continue to showcase how stand up paddle boarding offers incredible cross-training benefits even for world-class athletes in other sports. 

SUP Yoga in a Geothermal Spring Crater

Published in Travel


As Stand up Paddle grows throughout the world, many find that there are various disciplines of SUP that they enjoy.  One of the most popular at the moment appears to be SUP Yoga.  But, how many people can say that they have done SUP Yoga in a geothermal spring?

12'6" Crossfit by Pau Hana

Published in SUP Weekly Recap


The 12’6” SG2 Crossfit stand up paddle (sup) board is made for high performance training in flatwater or ocean, but is also a competitive stock class raceboard with race proven results in the 2011 Battle of the Paddle in Honolulu Hawaii.


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